Welcome to Reflection.app

Our goal with Reflection.app is to provide a simple and delightful framework to help guide you through a meaningful reflection practice.

The heart of our app is built upon a simple framework, that makes adding new experiences easy, but also helps categorize them so you can reflect on them easily at the end of month and year.

Access your journal via our web app, on Android or on your Apple device.

Here is a quick overview of how it works...

✍️ Write An Entry 

The first step is adding in entries. Entries are divided into three types:

  • Highlights - Things that brought you joy.
  • Lowlights - Challenges you experienced.
  • Free Writes - Everything else. 

To make the most of the app, write about a single topic or experience in each entry. Add as many entries as you want each day, but try and make each Highlight or Lowlight about a specific event.

In your Monthly Review you will have a chance to look back on (and celebrate!) your Highlights and learn from or find peace with your Lowlights. Adding entries for each throughout the month will make for a richer and deeper end-of-month review.

🙌 Complete Your Monthly Review

In your Monthly Guided Review you are guided through your Highlights and Lowlights to help you gain perspective.  

After that you will be guided through a short self-assessment in six key areas of your life: Mind, Body, Soul, Work, Play, and Love.

Your end-of-month review comes together in one stunning personal monthly report, that you can return to at any time. 

With consistency, you will see that your reflection practice will naturally build on itself; with your daily entries feeding into your end-of-month review and your end-of-month review feeding into your end-of-year review.

🛠 Update Your Settings & Notifications

To keep your practice consistent we recommend enabling and adjusting your notification preferences for a time and day that works best for you to journal. 

From your Settings page you can also create an export of your journal or import and migrate your journal.

💌 Get In Touch

Have suggestions or questions? Let us know!

Have an idea on how we can improve your experience? Suggest a feature request!

You can also see what we already have planned on our Roadmap, and vote on what we work on next.


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