Welcome to Reflection.app

Our mission with Reflection.app to make journaling accessible and delightful for all. 

With Reflection.app your journal is always within reach with our apps on web, Android and Apple (iOS and macOS).

Below are a few of our favorite parts of the app to help you make the most of your writing and reflection experience!

Distraction-free writing at your desk and on the go.

Create entries in our minimalist editors on mobile and desktop. Your saved entry will instantly be encrypted, backed up, and synced with your other devices.
Writing offline or traveling? No problem! Your entries and changes will sync when you reconnect.
🤩 Premium Users: Enhance your entries with a photo, rich-text, and customize tags!

Express yourself, knowing your writing is private and secure.

Having a private place to be honest with yourself is one of the greatest gifts of journaling. With Reflection.app all of your entries are protected and encrypted.
🤩 Premium Users: Mark extra-sensitive entries as ‘Private’ and they will appear blurred in your Journal and require an extra pin code to view or edit. (Great if you share a device and want an added layer of privacy beyond your phone biometric or pin lock!)

Tools to help at every stage of your journey.

Not sure where to begin? Click the lightbulb in the editor to access an inspiring prompt or one of the built-in Quick Templates to get you started.
🤩 Premium Users: Create a custom Quick Template for your most-used frameworks. Great for morning and evening rituals, end-of-week reviews, gratitude journaling... the possibilities are endless!

Tired of typing? Try talking!

Easily dictate your entries using the native iOS and Android keyboard for a simple and hands-free way of expressing your thoughts and recording the day's events!
Upgrade and unlock the full power of Reflection.app
Support our work by upgrading to our Premium plan and unlock additional features to help you deepen your reflection practice!

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You can also see what we already have planned on our Roadmap, and vote on what we work on next.

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